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About Simplehold

What is SimpleHold?

SimpleHold is a light wallet that was created with a main focus on safety and usability by the SimpleSwap team. It supports the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and many others.

How does SimpleHold work?

SimpleHold creates addresses for your cryptocurrencies. It also provides private keys that are stored in an encrypted backup on your browser. Your private data is not sent to SimpleHold servers. SimpleHold allows you to create and import addresses as well as check your balances, send crypto, make exchanges, and view transaction history.

Why should I trust SimpleHold?

SimpleHold stores data on the client side and has no access to it. Private keys are encrypted with AES and the user password is needed to access them. Password data is not sent to SimpleHold servers. The user is the only one who has access to their crypto.

Getting started

How do I install SimpleHold?

Find SimpleHold for your browser following these links: 1. Google Chrome - []( 2. Mozilla Firefox - []( 3. Opera - []( 4. Brave - compatible with Google Chrome, []( 5. GooglePlay - []( 6. AppStore - [](

How to create address?

After installing the extension, it is suggested to create a new wallet. Create the wallet, go to the home screen, click on the “+” button. Next, to create the address for the cryptocurrency, choose it from the list or use the search bar to find the crypto. Select the required cryptocurrency and click “Generate new address”. Enter the password to update the backup file. The new address is created now and should appear on the main screen.

How do I transfer my existing crypto to SimpleHold?

Go to the home screen. Choose the recipient’s address where you want to send the crypto. Copy the shown address or use the QR code.

How do I send crypto?

Go to the home screen. Choose the address from which you want to send the cryptocurrency. Click the “Send” button. Next, you will see the screen where you should enter the amount you would like to send and the recipient’s address. Enter the password to create and send the transaction.


What is backup file?

A Backup-file is an AES-encrypted json-file.This file contains private keys and other data that are necessary to restore access to the wallet. You need a password to decrypt it, so never give your backup file or password to anyone. You can check the contents of the backup file using the [backup decoder service (here)]( When losing your backup file or password, you lose access to your wallet forever.

What is a private key?

A private key is a special alphanumeric combination needed to manage and create transactions sending crypto from your address. Do not give your private key to anyone, always keep it in a safe place!

What is passcode?

The passcode is used in the SimpleHold extension to lock the screen. Passcode does not decrypt your private keys. It is only used to protect against unauthorized access to public data such as your balance, public address, and a number of addresses. You still need a password to send crypto, reset your passcode and decrypt your private keys.

How do I keep my wallet safe?

It is important that you never give your password, backup file, private keys, and passcode to anyone. Keep this data secure in different places, never publish it.

What to do if I lost my password?

If you lose your password, we cannot restore access to your wallet. Unfortunately, if you can’t remember the password, access to your wallet is lost forever.

What to do if I forgot my passcode?

The passcode is not used to encrypt your private keys. You can always reset it using the password. Just go to the extension and click “Forgot my passcode”. Wait for the confirmation screen to appear, then enter the password to reset the passcode. You will be able to turn it on again using the settings.

Managing your crypto

How to import address from another wallet?

Export the private key from the wallet you are using. Go to the SimpleHold home screen. Click “+” to add a new address. Choose the required cryptocurrency and select “Import private key”. Put the private key in the relevant section. Enter your password to update the backup file. Your address should appear on the home screen.

How to restore my wallet from backup?

Open the SimpleHold wallet. On the home screen, you will be suggested to restore the wallet. Click “Restore wallet”, then select the backup file on the disk and enter the password. Access to your wallet will be restored.


How to contact support?

We suggest you go to []( and use the contact form. You are also welcome to email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).