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Solve AMA


We’ve been delighted to have an AMA session with Solve, cause it was both — informative, exciting, and engaging for all of us. Here are the most interesting questions we got from you. Let’s find out more about the Solve project right now! 


1. @Hrmkingnuel: How can one build on this network?

We have a Care Network authoring portal that is specifically geared towards physicians and like-minded individuals who have a passion for changing healthcare for the better. 

You can sign up at and start authoring decentralized Care Networks using Care.Protocol – without any prior programming knowledge.

2. @Ayyaseerr: What will happen In the case where interested physicians don't know how to design and create their own healthcare networks on the platform?

To start building your own Care Network, all one needs to do is to imagine an ideal digital ecosystem, the roles of each stakeholder in it, and events/interactions you want to establish between them. 

Right now, you can visit our quick start page on the Care.Labs developers portal to get started, learn the basics, and start playing in our sandbox. You can also always contact [email protected] for any assistance or queries they may have.

3. @CryptoGroomer: Has the Ukraine/Russia conflict disrupted progress with Solve development?

At Solve.Care, we are naturally concerned for the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues who are in Ukraine. We would like to stress that all our team members remain safe in Western Ukraine, and are ready to evacuate the country according to a detailed contingency plan, should the situation warrant it. 

Solve.Care is a global company with teams in many different countries. Pradeep, our CEO, has also addressed the whole Solve.Care team around the world to remain calm and focused on our duties and tasks, as we have a commitment to our community to ensure that the Solve.Care business is not interrupted.

4. @Rejeky123: The solve care team went to help Ukraine in the war with Russia, my question is how they help the solve care team in Ukraine. In terms of what.

The Solve.Care team that is currently in Ukraine is converting gyms, schools, churches, and government buildings into safe shelters for displaced families fleeing from the war. We have already secured and converted two gyms into a 109-bed shelter.

We are providing basic necessities such as safe sleeping space, food, blankets, beds, and personal hygiene products.

The Solve.Care team has also set up a supply chain to bring in supplies from Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

You can help by contributing at or you can contact us at [email protected]

5. @ALIYUZAYYANAAB1: As a patient, how will I know that the doctors I meet on the network are specialists and well-qualified doctors?

We have a dedicated team that is tasked to verify physicians’ credentials, check their medical licenses, identification, malpractice insurance, etc. We also work with medical associations in different regions to verify physicians’ documents if we have any concerns. Once a physician is fully verified, they will be granted permission to practice Telemedicine on GTHE (Global Telehealth Exchange).

6. @Abubakarhd31: What are the unique features that make you stand out in this competitive environment? What are the benefits that will attract users to build on Solve.Care?

Solve.Care Platform enables developers, physicians, businesses, and governments to build complex healthcare dApps for real-world applications in weeks or even days. Solve.Care is unique because it not only allows dApps and networks to run independently but also has a fabric underneath that allows them all to communicate.

7. @celeng556: Right now, there are way too many projects launching but they never release any actual working product or prove any revenue and so within a short/medium time after TGE, they perish. How do you plan to survive this market? Can I see your project surviving till 2027?

We expect that as a full-stack healthcare platform, we will lead the way in blockchain and digital currency adoption by businesses worldwide, starting with healthcare. Solve.Care has already built 5 Care Networks for significant partners and clients, for example, medical (non-emergency) transportation with Uber and Lyft. We have also built a Diabetes Care Network in cooperation with pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim. This means that our platform is in use by several large clients and on top of that, we’ve launched GTHE, where any doctor can set up practice and connect with any patient globally (where regulations permit.

8. @Cryptoorbust1: Are there intrinsic benefits for healthcare entities to move to a decentralized, patient-controlled data model? 

Solve.Care is a decentralized and distributed platform for the administration of healthcare and benefits programs. The platform addresses the core need of coordinating all parties and communicating all relevant events and circumstances by using a decentralized approach that delivers all relevant information and conditions to the right party exactly when needed.

Solve.Care allows direct interaction among consumers, insurers, and service providers to improve health care access, reduce costs and streamline payments, regardless of whether it’s a patient, employer, insurer, or government agency making a healthcare payment. We are seeking to improve care outcomes through effective coordination and eliminate much of the cost of duplication, inefficiency, waste, abuse, and fraud from the system.  All this is done with the patient at the center.

9. @Hauhau1166: Community support is by far one of the biggest factors for the success of a project. What has the SOLVE planned on increasing the user experience?

It is our plan that anyone with an interest to make healthcare work better will have access to our Care.Labs portal to build their own Care Networks. Our goal is to make building healthcare dApps easy – to the extent that anyone without any programming knowledge can get started building Care Networks.

Community support, leadership, and interaction are of utmost importance to us. Recently, we’ve also launched an Ambassadors Program to find like-minded individuals who want to aid us in spreading the word and educating their local communities about Solve.Care. You can read more about the program here:

10. @nihalsaleem_Can you list 3 killer features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?

We are confident about our 3 killer features they are:

  • Super privacy and security
  • Using our wallet is super easy and simple. Even a kid can manage his wallets.
  • NFTs on 4 blockchains 

Thanks to all the participants for being a part of the AMA. That’s truly essential for us to see the audience fully involved and have such a deep, sincere interest in Solve. Let’s have another AMA round soon, but for now, it’s time to celebrate 4 winners and meet them with a round of applause! 

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