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Guide to Tamadoge (TAMA)


People who bought Shiba Inu in 2021 benefited greatly, thanks to the support of the cryptocurrency community. SHIB has been repeatedly mentioned in social media. Due to this, in just a few weeks, the value of the token increased by 1200%. The Tamadoge team hopes that they will be able to repeat this success. And this is already beginning to come true. After all, over 80 thousand people have already subscribed to the official Twitter page of the project. Tamadoge is a meme token that is going to become one of the best in the crypto market, surpassing the existing “doges”. Read on about what the sensational project represents and what prospects it has.


What Is Tamadoge?

Unlike other meme coins, which in fact, did not have a distinct utility at launch, Tamadoge was initially planned as the basis for a P2E game with a deflationary economy. Tamadoge is a sensational meme project expanding the concept of play-to-earn space. As part of the project, the founders plan to launch several entertainment platforms allowing users to socialize, play, and earn TAMA tokens. The Tamadoge ecosystem will include the following:

  • Tamadoge NFT Collection. This is a collection of 21,000 NFT pets. In Tamadoge, players can mine pets, raise them, play, and feed them so that they can fight with other users’ Tamadoges. A pet is an NFT with unique characteristics that also depend on how well the user takes care of it. The mechanisms of combat are still unknown, but most likely, it will be a “battle” of characteristics. For each battle, winners receive points, which allow them to participate in a monthly competition. The user who scored the most points and took first place receives TAMA tokens as a reward.
  • Tamadoge Store. It is an open marketplace where users can buy new Tamadoge pets, as well as all the necessary items for their care: food, clothes, toys, and accessories. Payment is accepted in TAMA tokens.
  • Tamadoge AR app. This augmented reality mobile application will allow players to interact with their Tamadoges. The game will let you take care of pets, play with them, as well as fight and earn money to top the leaderboard. In addition, the developers plan to introduce other play-to-earn mechanisms. For example, users can earn for the time spent with their pets, teaching pets all sorts of tricks, and so on.
  • Tamadoge P2E Arcade. In the third quarter of 2023, developers plan to launch a series of play-to-earn arcade games. At the moment, there is no exact information about these games, but it is safe to say that the TAMA token and the Tamadoge NFTs will be its key components.
  • Tamaverse. The development team is ambitious to launch Tamaverse. The 3D version of the Tamadoge metaverse is initially planned as a web application, with the possibility of integration into partner metaverses. The developers also plan to launch their own Tamaverse. According to the team, it will be a fully community-driven platform within which users can decide which features to add.



The native TAMA token is launched on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC-20 token. TAMA is a gateway token allowing users to access all ecosystem products and participate in their development. The maximum token supply is 2 billion units:

  • 50% of the tokens were sold as part of the public presale.
  • 30% of the tokens will be gradually unlocked within ten years.
  • 20% of tokens are reserved for the conclusion of CEX and DEX partnerships.

Interestingly, players do not pay transaction fees when making transactions with TAMA tokens. According to the team, such a decision was taken since the project has enough utilities and does not need transaction fees for further development.

TAMA is used to buy Tamadoge NFTs as well as to pay for goods at the Tamadoge Store. The payment made within the Tamadoge Store is divided into three pools:

  • 5% is subject to burning, which gradually reduces the supply of TAMA and creates upward price pressure.
  • 30% of tokens are allocated for further development and promotion of the project.
  • 65% goes to the prize pool, which is used to pay rewards to top players from the Leaderboard and other play-to-earn activities.


Tamadoge Prospects

To attract users to its community, the token uses the aesthetics of DOGE. Those who bought Dogecoin and Shiba Inu understand the demand for such tokens. After all, they managed to reach unprecedented heights in 2021. But both of these coins at one time also suffered from a lack of utility. Namely, this parameter is the main component of the project’s longevity.

Unlike them, Tamadoge takes an entirely different approach. In this case, it is a combination of meme tokens and the P2E game mechanism. Like blockchain games, Tamadoge pays users a reward for a successful game. This is because players get virtual pets, take care of them and fight with other similar owners.

The hype around the project has led to the fact that Tamadoge has gathered over 50 thousand participants in Telegram, and there are already more than 80 thousand subscribers on official Twitter. In addition, the project was audited by KYC CoinSniper and, which increased the level of trust in him. The plans for 2023 are to conclude partnerships with major centralized crypto exchanges, which will further contribute to the token price growth.

In the long term, the cost of TAMA will depend more on implementing the project roadmap. However, to the great luck of the developers, the roadmap arouses users’ interest. It accommodates many plans that will bring great profits to all project participants in the future.