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AMA with DigiByte | Notum


We are here to declare that the DigiByte AMA was both informative and interesting! We all enjoyed your questions and that true attention to our AMA you’ve shown. That proves that the crypto world is full of real enthusiasts who do care, and it’s a real ray of hope for all of us! That’s very important for us to know our audience and its needs. We will have many AMAs ahead, that’s for sure, but let’s finally reveal our answers to your questions! 

  • “How are you planning to attract the non-Crypto Users to your platform? Can you talk about the UI/UX, Is it easy to use even for users who are unaware of blockchain?” 

We focus on a broad audience, and we are interested in our beginner users to understand this crypto world. We try to make the interface as clear and familiar to people as possible. Our top priorities are security and simplicity. We think we have the best UX/UI on the market ☺️ For people who are still not that good at understanding the industry, we have our blog ( on our official website, where we frequently post educational content.

  • “How can we be assured of the safety of our tokens using the browser extension to hold them, can't the wallet be manipulated from using third-party platforms?”

SimpleHold as a light wallet stores data on the client-side and has no access to it. Private keys are encrypted, and the user password is needed. Password data is not sent to SimpleHold servers. The user is the only one who has access to their crypto – this is a crucial issue.

The secret of total security is incredibly simple — don’t share your data with anybody: your balance, private key, password. In this case, you can be 100 % sure that your assets are safe.

  • “Morning sir. For a beginner and newbie in crypto and NFT, do you have any tutorial guide so that I can understand more about the project?”

Our wallet is perfect for beginners, as SimpleHold has a truly intuitive UI. You can also store crypto and NFTs within the wallet. 

Sure, we have a lot of fruitful content in our blog, on a website, social media, and great news — we’ll start a YouTube channel with guides and tutorials for our users soon! Stay tuned! 😉

  • “Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future?”

We are partnered with DigiByte and other crypto projects, coins, exchanges. 

We believe that such partnerships are an essential part of the crypto industry. Together we’ll lead the world to wider crypto adoption. 

We are preparing large-scale events with our partners; stay tuned and participate!

  • “What has been the most challenging part of developing the SimpleHold? What is the biggest challenge you currently face in order to get SimpleHold finalized?”

Actually, our wallet development is not that complicated. Our competitors don't have any unique features that we can’t provide. That is precisely why we actively grow and are eager to become one of the best wallets. 

We want our features to have a vast impact on the popularization of DeFi and the crypto adoption of newbies.

  • “Can you explain what are the uniqueness and advantages of Simple Hold? So are people interested in using Simple Hold? Will there be any in the near future? How do you deal with the many competitors out there?”

Our team stays on top of our rivals; there is only certain functionality we have to add to be fully competitive. 

Our key is simplicity. We care about our users from the security point of view and the convenience of crypto management.

Send, receive and store in a simple way!

  • “What are your top 3 priorities for 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?”

Our priorities for 2022 are:

  1. WalletConnect integration, and many different Web3 features for our users;
  2. Add exchanges of more than 300+ coins to our wallet;
  3. Add a referral program. 

We have very ambitious plans for this year, join us and stay updated 😊

  • “SimpleHold is currently available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Chromium-based browsers. Could I use it from my IOS device? Is it available for mobiles, or when would it be? Why did you decide to start with desktop devices and those specific browsers?”

Our first wallet’s version was designed as a browser extension, but now we’re extensively growing, so we have a mobile app for both Android and iOS. We can’t wait when we are presented on all platforms.

  • “What makes dgb a valuable addition to your wallet and also what makes your wallet stand out from the dozens of others?”

We believe $DGB is an excellent project with a long history and loyal community, that is why we decided to give our users an opportunity to have DGB in the SimpleHold wallet.

As a multi-currency wallet, we focus on various coins and tokens. 

We have integrated with more than 30 different blockchains and hundreds of tokens.

  •  “Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share with us the inspiration for approaching this name?”

We, like you, are highly inspired by blockchain technologies and successful crypto projects.

Our product was developed by a larger team called the SimpleSwap project. 

Our name speaks for itself, everything we do is very simple and straightforward, this is our main point. Also, we provide superior technologies and opportunities for our customers.

We appreciate your interest in our project, your participation, and your attention to so many details! Thanks for that AMA session and let’s meet again in the near future, and now let’s meet our winners with a loud round of applause 👏

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