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Top Sport Tokens | What Is Santos a FC Fan Token (SANTOS)?



Seems like football clubs are really into crypto, otherwise, how can we explain a variety of fan tokens that have invaded the crypto space recently? Ronaldo has signed a contract with Binance, Portugal’s most successful football team, Oporto FC is exploring the Uplnad metaverse and even has bought a stadium there, the CoinMarketCap is literary packed with various fan tokens, so what’s next? Today we’ll look into one of the most popular fan tokens, according to Coingecko’s stats, and its name is Santos FC Fan Token.


What Is Santos FC Fan Token ($SANTOS)? 

Santos FC is a Brazilian sports club based in Vila Belmiro, Santos, and they decided that it was a brilliant idea to have their own currency, so they minted the SANTOS token. It was founded in 1912, and over the years, the team revealed star players such as Pelé, Neymar, and Rodrygo. 

The club participates in the Paulistão, the State of São Paulo's premier state league, and the Brasileirão, the top league of the Brazilian football league system.

The Santos Token is a BEP-20 utility token created to reinvent how football supporters can be involved in their favorite team's life, so that true tifosi can fully get involved and support their favorite team in a modern manner.

​​The token grants with the following opportunities:

  • participating in team voting polls;
  • hunting digital collectibles;
  • buying NFTs;
  • enjoying gamification features.

What’s Special About SANTOS?

Konami PES Partnership

Santos FC has partnered with the PES game developers. Being one of the world's most popular soccer e-game, it has a large worldwide fan audience interested in SANTOS fan tokens.

Community Development and Growth

The Santos FC team’s planning to open soccer schools for boys in villages, launch their SantosTV and a store where fans can have exclusive access to the club merchandise and offers.

Great Engagement

Santos FC Fan Token wants to provide true fan engagement, so there will be:

  • limited collectibles
  • incorporation with the Binance NFT Marketplace
  • interaction-based team rewards
  • unique prerogatives
  • voting rights
  • gamification
  • distinctive brand experiences

Huge Fan Support

The team has over six million fan-following in Brazil and social media fan base of over ten million followers. 

SANTOS Token Use Cases

  • SANTOS token holders get the right to participate in fan engagement-related voting on the Binance Fan Token platform.

  • The token holders can commit their Santos FC NFTs for fan rewards, digital collectibles, and fan power points.

  • SANTOS token can be incorporated into Santos FC’s e-commerce ecosystem and be used for merchandise, matchday tickets, memberships, and more by using Binance Pay.

  • SANTOS holders can benefit from engaging with Santos FC on the Binance Fan Token Platform, including signed merchandise, meet-and-greet with a football player or legend, and other experiences.

  • The holders can access various gamification features on the Binance Fan Token Platform.

  • SANTOS token holders can donate directly to their favorite team and get a proof-of-loyalty badge.


SANTOS Tokenomics

  • Maximum token supply: 30,000,000 SANTOS
  • Launchpool token rewards: 1,500,000 SANTOS (5% of maximum token supply)
  • Initial circulating supply: 4,550,000 SANTOS (15.17% of maximum token supply)
  • Smart contract address: SANTOS (BEP-20)

SANTOS Allocation

In total, SANTOS is divided the following way:

  • Binance Launchpool: 5% total supply
  • Team: 20%
  • Loyal Subscription: 15%
  • User Funds: 35%
  • Developer Fund: 25%

Santos FC Token’s Plans for 2022

The project aims to grow and widen its presence by adding new features:

  • Making donations in Binance Fan Tokens
  • Team Games
  • Integrate Fan Tokens into the Santos FC ecosystem (membership, Santos FC App, E-commerce)
  • Extend Santos FC Fan Token use cases
  • Integrate Santos FC Fan Token into the club’s app and the team’s system


DYOR (links/websites/media)

If you feel like you want to do your own research and get even more information on the project, you can find it using the following channels where the team has lots of followers and devotees:



Fan tokens are something new and fresh, it’s like collecting fan cards in the past when people didn’t have blockchain technology and just stored all their precious collectibles in a box from the Danish butter cookies once they were eaten.

A fan token revolutionizes (such a word!) the way a team and its fans interact so that a person can participate in the governance and operation of a company or football team. It’s also a nice opportunity to feel that your vote matters when the community votes on kit designs, choose songs to play when their team scores, and gets unique access to fan-related stuff such as merchandise and signed T-shirts.