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What Is CateCoin? | CATE Review


In 2013, the first meme cryptocurrency was launched, which laid the foundation for the creation of thousands of similar projects. Of course, we are talking about Dogecoin, the first dog-themed coin that became a trend maker. Following Doge, many other dog-themed cryptos were created, the most famous of which are Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, Dogelon Mars, and Floki Inu. But such popularity of dog-themed crypto projects has caused indignation among kitty lovers. The camp of cat persons naturally believes that their pets are much more excellent, smarter, and generally better. And to prove it, the developers of CateCoin have launched the first-ever cat-themed crypto.



What Is CateCoin?


CateCoin is a young crypto project launched on the Binance Smart Chain. CateCoin is the first cat-themed crypto project, a game changer in the field of meme-crypto. The project developers strive to provide users with maximum utility and profitability. CateCoin was created for investors and content creators, providing both previously unseen benefits. The project provides three main features: the DeFi Meme Platform, Staking, Reflections, Games, and NFT.



CateCoin Meme Platform


CateCoin Meme Platform is a decentralized platform designed for meme creators. This platform allows meme creators to create meme NFTs and monetize their creativity easily. Users can like, comment on NFT creations, and subscribe to the creators’ social media. But the most significant thing is that users of the platform can support their favorite creators with CATE donations.



Staking and Reflections


CateCoin is not just another meme cryptocurrency but one that intends to bring maximum utility and profitability. Thus, CATE holders can receive passive income in two ways:

  1. First, users can receive a 2% reward just for holding CATE. After each CATE transaction on PancakeSwap, whether a sale or purchase, 2% of the transaction amount is distributed between the holders' wallets.
  2. CATE holders can stake their tokens to earn 15% APY. To create a stake, the user must deposit at least 5,000,000 CATE. The minimum lock-up period is 31 days. If users want to unstake their tokens before the end of the staking period, they are obliged to pay a 20% penalty.


Gaming and NFTs


The project developers have launched an exciting cat-themed NFT game — Rise of Cats. Anyone can buy Origin Cats NFT Blind Box and get their own Cat NFT. There are 40 different cats in total. Each of them differs in its inherent attributes and rarity. Owners of Cat NFTs can upgrade their pets to increase their combat training and can also trade their Cat NFTs on the internal marketplace. Rise of Cats game functions according to the play-to-earn model. Players can earn CATE tokens for completing various quests, fighting bosses, participating in tournaments, and other in-game events. In the future, the developers also plan to launch a move-to-earn mode that will allow players to monetize their walking activities.





The CATE token is a utility token of the project and has several key use cases:

  • users can donate CATE to meme creators;
  • token holders receive 2% of each transaction;
  • stakers can earn up to 15% APY;
  • players are rewarded with CATE in the Rise of Cats play-to-earn game.

The maximum CATE supply is limited to 100 trillion tokens. There are 32,637.76B CATE in circulation. About 19% of the total supply was burned to hedge inflation risks and stabilize prices. 7% of tokens are aimed at maintaining the liquidity of the token. 25% of tokens are used within the CateCoin ecosystem. And finally, 5% of the tokens are used for further project development.





CateCoin is a fascinating meme-crypto project that intends to demonstrate to users that meme-crypto can be useful, profitable, and multifunctional. The project developers chose a winning strategy: not to create another dog-themed token but to appeal to the cat lovers camp. Notable features of the project are the possibility of passive income, a play-to-earn game, and a platform for meme creators. In addition, CATE stands out favorably for its limited maximum supply. As for meme-crypto, CATE has a small maximum supply. Therefore the price of the token, with good demand, will grow significantly.

At the moment, developers are working on launching Rise of Cats NET DEX, which will attract even more users and increase the value of the CATE token.


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