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What Is Bigh Bull? | BIGB Review


For many users, cryptocurrency has become the main income tool. Trading has become especially relevant in low-income countries with poorly developed financial infrastructure. One of these countries is India. According to Broker Chooser, at the end of 2021, over 100 million citizens invested in the new asset class — more than anywhere else in the world. The demand for digital coins has turned India into one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency hubs. And the recently launched crypto project Bigh Bull has made a real splash in the trading field.

What Is Bigh Bull?

Bigh Bull is an all-in-one trading platform for crypto, stock, and forex traders. The project's main goal is to make trading more secure, low-risk, automated, and convenient. Bigh Bull provides a low entry threshold for traders by providing low transaction fees and low-cost account opening. Moreover, the project developers strive to provide traders with the necessary knowledge and skills, so they regularly conduct webinars, upload videos, and publish training articles. The Bigh Bull team is mainly aimed at Indian users, providing them with an alternative way of earning (trading), the income from which can withstand the state's problems, such as the instability of the national currency and low wages, and so on. The Bigh Bull ecosystem includes three leading platforms: the crypto exchange Cotoex, Copy Trading Platform, and BOT Trading Platform.


Cotoex is the main product of Bigh Bull. The platform is an aggregator of crypto exchanges with the help of which traders can quickly and conveniently find the best conditions for crypto transactions and favorable exchange rates. Cotoex allows traders to compare the exchange rates of the major exchanges, such as Binance, SimpleSwap, ChangeNOW, Changelly, and many others. Traders using the Cotoex aggregator quickly receive updated information that helps to choose a good option without wasting time quickly. Another advantage of Cotoex is the widest selection of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. More than 750 digital assets and more than 60,000 trading pairs are available for traders.

To use Cotoex, users must register, verify their email, and go through the KYC process by providing their Aadhaar number. 

Copy Trading Crypto

Copy trading is a way of trading assets that do not require analysis of various charts and statistics. It is enough just to repeat the operation of an experienced trader. The developers of Bigh Bull provide users with a convenient platform for automated copy trading, which is ideal for crypto beginners as it allows for minimizing losses and improving trading skills. It is enough for the user to register on the platform, pay the tariff, and choose one or more of the proposed strategies. Bigh Bull is an intermediary between the registered user and traders offering their investment strategies. Copying transactions are carried out automatically and displayed in the personal account. In addition to simply copying trades, users can also communicate with expert traders and discuss trading strategies.

BOT Trading Crypto

BOT Trading Crypto is a platform for automating transactions on the exchange. The algorithm contains several rules that allow it to track the moments for the most profitable purchase/sale of assets. Exchange robots automatically analyze the market situation based on charts, news, company reports, and other data. After determining the options for successful transactions, the program independently conducts auctions. Trading robots resemble professional investors who independently select and analyze information. At the same time, a trader using such a program does not need to know statistics by memory, follow all market news, monitor summaries, and perform other routine work.

$BIGB Token 

The BIGB token is a Bigh Bull utility token used as a means of payment in current and future projects. BIGB is a BEP-20 token with a limited maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. According to self-reporting data, 1.8 billion BIGB are currently in circulation. In addition to being used within the BIGB ecosystem, users can also stake tokens to generate passive income. The minimum number of tokens that can be staked is only 100 BIGB, and the maximum is 50,00,000 BIGB. The peculiarity of BIGB staking is its duration. The staking is fixed, and the duration of the staking period is 26 months. Users will not be able to unlock their tokens until the end of the lock-up period. The annual bonus is 5000 BIGB credited to the wallet used for BIGB staking.

In addition, the Bigh Bull team states that the token is perfectly suitable for making everyday payments, that is, for online shopping, in retail stores, in education, and so on.


Bigh Bull is an innovative crypto platform that has every chance to become the best trading platform in the Indian market. Bigh Bull provides some first-class platforms that will be useful for both newbies and experienced traders. Many Indian traders are bullish about Bigh Bull and actively promote the token on social media.


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