Crypto Santa Is Coming to Town!


It’s impossibell not to feel festive right now…but if you still don’t feel like X-mas, there is just snorting news for you — SimpleSwap and SimpleHold are launching almost a week of entertaining activities and contests to brighten your mood up! 


What will it be like? Here’s a schedule:


20.12  NFTs Giveaway – a great chance to get up to 3 fantastic NFTs from the legendary Sandbox team!

To participate you need to follow these steps:

1. Follow SimpleSwap, SimpleHold, and @TheSandboxGame

2. Like and retweet the post

Winners will be chosen randomly

21.12 Xmas Hunt – you need to look for hidden X-mas symbols all over the SimpleSwap and SimpleHold websites and post them with a #simplesanta2021 hashtag 

To become a part of the game you need to do the following:

1. Post a X-mass symbol you found with a hashtag — the more you find, the greater your chance to win 

2. Follow SimpleSwap and SimpleHold 

Winners will be chosen randomly


22.12 Snowball Game – you need to leave a comment and tag a friend by that throwing a snowball at him or her. Get an exclusive chance to receive a prize from Hive! 

To take part you need to take the following steps:

1. Like, retweet, and tag a friend – the more friends you tag, the bigger chance to win

2. Follow SimpleSwap and SimpleHold

3. The number of comments will be counted, not the number of tagged friends

Winners will be chosen randomly 


23.12 Letters to Santa  – Get that childish mood by writing a beautiful letter to Santa with your wants, needs, and dreams in a comment section. You’ll have an opportunity to get a reward from Conflux (CFX). 

To join the contest you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Like and retweet the post

2. Leave a comment with your letter — one letter from one account

3. Follow  SimpleSwap and SimpleHold 

4. 1 winner is the one who will get the most likes for his/her letter

5. The 2nd and the 3rd ones will be chosen randomly


24.12 Christmas Giveaway – here comes a lavish giveaway with astonishing  NFTs and money prizes from our generous partners for 12 lucky winners: FIRO, NULS, NEBL coins, and the hypest coins such as ELON, SHIB, SOL, BTC, THETA, AVAX, and 3 fabulous NFTs from various talented artists

To engage you need to follow these easy steps:

1. Like and retweet the post

2. Follow SimpleSwap and SimpleHold 

Winners will be chosen randomly 


25.12 Final results — a breathtaking moment of taking your prizes and enjoying X-mas to the fullest! 


To get the latest news and updates on the contest please follow the website 


By the way, we have one more surprise for you, but we’ll tell you about it a bit later! So shh, keep it in secret!   🥳 


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