Adoption Time


The previous week was full of impactful news in the field of blockchain and we are happy to share our weekly news digest - “Adoption time” with you - the most important crypto-related events gathered in a single article. Coming every Monday it will help you to find out new opportunities to use your crypto, reveal fresh-released crypto-projects and share relevant adoption cases.

Axe Has Released Dogecoin Body Spray

On Doge Day the well-known company Axe has promised to produce a “crypto scented” if DOGE hits $1. And even though there’s still a long way to go, Axe has still decided to launch the collection.

The cans will be free, but they’re limited. Knowing the enthusiasm of the Dogecoin army, they’re likely to go fast. If you want to try to land one, registration will begin on Tuesday, July 20, at 10:00 a.m. ET at this website.

Coinbase’s Ethereum NFT Marketplace Has Been Launched

On April 20, 2022 Coinbase finally launched its NFT marketplace, though in limited beta-version. For the launch Coinbase has invited first-class NFT creators, such as Azuki, Doodles, World of Women, pplpleasr, Gary Vaynerchuk, XCOPY, and Pak

At launch, Coinbase NFT is only usable with self-custody wallets such as Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask, as well as wallets that support the WalletConnect protocol, such as SimpleHold. That means that users are fully responsible for their own assets held within a wallet, which can be connected to other marketplaces, exchanges, and decentralized applications.

Mexican Football Club Tigres Now Accepts Bitcoin For Tickets

On the background of crypto mass adoption in the US sport teams, the Mexican football club Tigers has started accepting Bitcoin for tickets 

Tigres supporters will already be able to use cryptocurrencies to purchase tickets for the club’s next match against America on April 23 through a partnership established between Latin American cryptocurrency exchange Bitso and online Mexican ticketing platform Boletomovil. Bitcoin payments company BitPay is also joining the collaboration to make the integration happen.

Fidinam and Porsche Towson Allowed Customers to Employ Shiba Inu (SHIB) As a Payment Method

Swiss multinational company Fidinam has embraced SHIB as a payment method, along with the Porsche center in Baltimore. 

Unfortunately the adoption news did not affect the price of the asset - SHIB keeps on going down. However, the community of the coin is full of optimism and will surely fight for the prosperity of its project. 

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