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Ethereum Merge Has Been Completed

After The Merge, Ethereum’s miners will be replaced by stakers, who lock up ETH for the right to validate transactions. In doing so, The Merge is expected to reduce energy usage on the network by more than 99.5%.

Epic Games Store Launches First NFT Game

Blankos Block Party, an NFT-powered online creation game, launched on 15.09 on the Epic Games Store, becoming the first Web3 title published on the popular PC gaming marketplace

South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon

The warrant was reportedly issued in relation to a violation of capital market rules and targets five more individuals who are currently residing in Singapore

Abra Is Launching New FinTech Products

Abra Bank will be a U.S. charted bank that’s expected to offer crypto on- and off-ramps to fiat, with Abra International offering the same for clients living outside the U.S. Abra Boost, will offer interest-bearing deposits for cryptocurrencies