Adoption Time


The previous week was full of impactful news in the field of blockchain and we are happy to share our weekly news digest - “Adoption time” with you - the most important crypto-related events gathered in a single article. Coming every Monday it will help you to find out new opportunities to use your crypto, reveal fresh-released crypto-projects and share relevant adoption cases.

The Global Esports Federation Has Set Up the Metaverse Council

The board of the Global Esports Federation has established a special Web3 board, called ‘GEF Metaverse Council’. 

The ultimate goal of the GEF Metaverse Council is to leverage the knowledge and experience of its consultants, so it can then focus on shaping its own metaverse development initiatives within areas such as its global community, blockchain technologies, NFTs, and more.

The board will include:

  • Hugo Philion (CEO and Founder of Flare)
  • “Oxskellymode” (Co-Founder of Enigma Ventures)
  • “Melty Tanti” (Founder and Creative Director of Jambo Mambo)
  • “Sabertooth” (Founder of Attack Tigers!)
  • “MingWeiRocks” (TikToker)

Pan-African Crypto Exchange Backed by Coinbase, Mara Has Been Launched

On the 11th of May MARA announced its launch along with a $23 million raise from Coinbase, FTX, Alameda Research and Distributed Global. At the same time the platform is going to become an official crypto partner for the Central African Republic, which last month adopted BTC as a legal tender. 

MARA will target consumers, experienced traders, and developers with a suite of products that it says are built specifically for an African audience. Executives of the platform say the platform will become Africa’s portal to the crypto economy, at a time when economic instability in the region has heightened demand for a decentralized alternative.

Norway Rejects Crypto Mining Ban Bill

Cryptocurrency mining will stay legal in Norway - the parliament voting has rejected the ban. Earlier this year the Red Party of Norway suggested implementation of a mining ban and even gained support from the Socialist Left Party and the Green Party. However, their efforts were worthless. 

Now they might be trying to implement additional taxes for miners, while that is the only limiting instrument left in their arsenal.

Emirates to accept BTC payments and launch NFT collectibles

According to the chief operating officer of Emirates - Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, the company is preparing to implement BTC payments and NFTs. Moreover, the company is interested in integration of blockchain technology itself ​​​​to track aircrafts records.

However Emirates is not going to be the first airline to provide BTC payments - earlier Latvian AirBaltic and Salvadoran Volaris have already done it.

Binance delists LUNA and UST due to the issues on Terra blockchain

  • Due to the crash of Terra, Binance Exchange has delisted LUNA and TerraUSD and suspended their withdrawal. At the moment the exchange is waiting for the Terra issues to be solved to open the withdrawals. 

Meanwhile the CEO of Binance addressed his dissatisfaction of how Terra handles the crisis:

“I am very disappointed with how this UST/LUNA incident was handled (or not handled) by the Terra team. We requested their team to restore the network, burn the extra minted LUNA, and recover the UST peg. So far, we have not gotten any positive response or much response at all.”

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