Top 7 Altcoins of April


They say that there are plenty more fish in the sea. That’s definitely true, and that’s why we are looking for the best altcoins every month in the hope of being somehow helpful. This month brought us even more variety, and it was really hard to pick the best of the best, so sometimes the process of searching reminded pearl hunting, but we did it! Here are they, found, delivered, and served:

1. Fantom ($FTM)

Market cap: $3.3B

In 2018 the Fantom platform launched its own currency, FTM, which started trading from $0.02. Then it launched an initial coin offering (ICO) that amounted to $40 million. The sum was used in funding the project.

The major utility of the FTM token’s utility is to secure the Fantom network with a Proof-of-Stake system.

To become a participant, a validator needs to hold 3,175,000 FTM min, and stakers need to lock up their FTM. In return, both the nodes and the stakers are rewarded with rewards and fees.

Main features are high-throughput, fast transactions (around 1 min), and almost zero fees ($0.0000001). 

How To Buy and Store FTM?

FTM is listed on all well-known cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, SimpleSwap, Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, etc. 

It’s better to store your FTM in a wallet than on exchanges because of the custodial risks and missing out on staking rewards. 

2.  Iotex ($IOTX)

Market cap: $963.3M

IOTX is an Ethereum token that powers IoTeX, a platform connecting IoT devices and decentralized apps (dApps). IOTX can be used to pay for transactions, staking, and governance and also for registering new devices within the IoTeX network.

In 2018  the initial coin offering (ICO) of IoTeX happened, and the offered price per token was $0.0000125. The project raised about $14 million. The company launched its platform in the same year and its blockchain network in 2019.

How to buy and store IOTX?

You can easily buy IOTX from leading exchanges such as Binance, Gemini, Huobi Global, SimpleSwap, Coinbase, etc. 

To store IOTEx, you can use a wallet that has already listed the token. Let’s take a SimpleHold wallet as an example. It’s a fast, secure, and user-friendly wallet that is always for your services. Give it a try and hold your IOTX there. 

3. Reef Finance ($REEF)

Market cap: $177.1M
It was founded in 2019 by Denko Mancheski, a strong crypto market player.

Reef Finance gives its users access to various platforms from Binance Smart Chain to Moonbeam, cause the protocol is built on Polkadot. That way users can access those platforms without creating endless accounts and passwords. Reef empowers users to operate across numerous chains from a single blockchain-based ecosystem.

Users can earn yield and invest in cryptocurrency using a single account and join other DeFi services like staking, liquidity mining, borrowing, and lending.

The Reef token is mainly used for liquidity exchange, transaction fees, and governance. Reef Token gets its liquidity from everywhere through its Parachainbridge cross-chain, allowing holders to stake and earn in any farm.

How to buy and store REEF?

Compare different cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, FTX, SimpleSwap, Bitfinex,, Huobi and choose the one you like the best. Then buy it from there and store it in a wallet. Try to find an easy to manage, quick to sign in, and secure to hold one. Have a look at a SimpleHold wallet as an example.



Market cap: $461.1M

It is an Ethereum token that powers SKALE, which is interesting because of its high throughput with fast block times and instant finality, on-chain file storage, and zero gas fees. 

The $SKL is a mixed-use token that allows you to become a validator, stake as a delegator, or access a share of its resources by deploying and renting an Elastic Sidechain or Elastic Blockchain as a developer.  

The SKALE Network token allows you to stake SKL tokens to validators, pay for SKALE Chain subscription fees, get rewards for validators and delegators staking their tokens, and governance and voting options. 

How to buy and store SKL?

Choose any exchange platform such as Gemini, SimpleSwap, Coinbase,, etc., where the token is already listed, sign up, and buy some SKLs. Then it would be best if you got a crypto wallet to store your tokens. Let it be safe, easy to use and handle, and nicely designed. You can try a SimpleHold wallet or another one that will meet all your needs. 


5. AMP ($AMP)

Market cap: $1.1B

The AMP token was issued in September 2020 and was built on the Ethereum blockchain. AMP is a digital collateral token that offers quick and verifiable assurances for any type of value transfer. Amp used as collateral makes an asset a fast and secure medium of exchange. It doesn’t compromise speed on security. Amp is a universal clearing layer for transfers and unlocks assets.

Amp also makes network rewards easier to distribute once a transfer is complete. The Amp smart contracts provide a variety of built-in options models, including micro-distributions and continuous compounding.

Some of the unique features are: 

1. Collateral managers remind escrow accounts built with different rules and standards that can be tailored to match various use cases. 

2. Token partitions function allows different collateral managers to set up rules upon separate, definite spaces associated with the same digital address. 

How to buy and store AMP?

It’s quite an easy thing, as there are plenty of different exchanges that have already listed the token. Have a look at such trusty and convenient ones as Binance, Coinbase, SimpleSwap, and Gemini. 


6. BOBA Network ($BOBA)

Market cap: $201.0M

Boba Network is an Ethereum-based platform aiming to improve smart contract capacity, decrease gas fees, and provide better transaction throughput. Liquidity providers have the opportunity to gain rewards from incentivized yield farming options.

BOBA can be staked on the Boba Network to earn rewards, and BOBA token holders can participate in the governance of the network. If you’re a token owner, you have an opportunity to suggest proposals, vote, and delegate votes for proposals on the DAO according to governance rules.

How to buy and store BOBA?

All prominent exchanges such as FTX, Bybit, DigiFinex, Huobi Global, and already have BOBA for purchasing. You need to compare all of them and pick the best one, then sign there up and transfer your AMPs directly to your crypto wallet. In case you still don’t have one, have a glance at a SimpleHold wallet that was created for beginners to be a real pass into the world of crypto without delay! It has a convenient mobile app and an extension for your favorite browser. 



Market cap: $3.7B

ApeCoin acts as the governance and utility token of the BAYC, a famous Yuga Labs NFT project, which owns 10,000 unique bored ape artworks. ApeCoin holders become voters on the DAO and a kind of 3.0 web influencers. The token promises governance, so the holders become responsible for voting on suggested changes to protocols. It also provides unique accessibility as some of the Ape ecosystem parts are restricted for so-called day-to-day users. ApeCoin holders can access merchandise, games, services, and events. The token also drives incentivization, that’s why participants can even issue ‘Bored Apes’ into their own projects. It can be just the usage of Ape avatars in games to services and other applications. As it’s a utility token, ApeCoin also acts as a cryptocurrency that provides the opportunity to transact money among the decentralized platform.

How to buy and store APE?

ApeCoin was launched on the 17th of March 2022 and had immediate popularity blowing the whole crypto world up. No wonder all popular exchanges have it, and it’s available for purchase from any of them. 

Once you buy APEs, you surely need a crypto wallet to hold them. It could e any wallet of your preference, but if you’re still doubting, you can pay attention to a SimpelHold wallet, which is a nice opportunity, especially if you’re new to crypto.

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