Top 5 Upcoming Solana NFTs in May


What is an NFT?

An NFT had become an essential part of crypto, that’s something difficult to deny. What exactly does it stand for? What are the essential points defying a perfect NFT:

  • Indivisibility — NFTs have historically been indivisible when it comes to their utility. 
  • Rarity — NFTs can come in limited supply, that's one of the reasons driving their value. 
  • Exclusive — NFTs are unique, there can’t be two same NFTs — they're not interchangeable. 
  • Ownership — The original creators of the NFT have the private key to the account where the NFT exists.
  • Transparency — Because public distributed ledgers are decentralized and unchangeable, all the details can be publicly verified, and buyers can trust and check on the authenticity of an NFT.
  • Scalability — NFTs can be traded, bought, or sold within various marketplaces using a decentralized bridge or centralized custodial service.

What Is Solana?
Solana is a truly functional open source project that performs a permissionless and high-speed layer-1 blockchain.

It was created by Anatoly Yakovenko, a former executive at Qualcomm,  in 2017.  Solana scales higher throughput beyond compared to what is typically achieved by other blockchains while keeping costs low. Solana uses an innovative hybrid consensus mechanism combining a unique proof-of-history (PoH) algorithm with the lightning-fast synchronization engine, a version of proof-of-stake (PoS). Thanks to those innovative approaches, the Solana network is able to process 710,000+ transactions per second (TPS) without any scaling solutions needed. Thus, it has way greater scalability than others.

There are two main reasons why people do tend to invest in Solana — a huge number of NFTs volume which is only growing, and low gas fees. No wonder, the overall NFT sales within the Solana have surpassed $1 billion.


Top SOL NFTs 2022

#5. The Stoned Frogs (TSF)
The Stoned Frogs (TSF) is a collection consisting of 8,400 bright pot-smoking frogs that want to become the main Cannabis brand on the Solana blockchain. 

The Stoned Frogs will open an online store to sell CBD products and spread them among its global community. All products online and offline could be bought with the community’s native token $SEEDS.

TSF is very community-driven, so the team has planned many engagement events such as IRL Reefer Parties, Mystery Box giveaways, and even a play-to-earn game for its NFT holders.

Follow the project on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and their official website

#4. Thugbirds 
Thugbirdz NFT is a new project that is unique 3-dimensional digital collectibles. The total supply is only 3333, and they, of course, are built on the Solana blockchain. As for ranking, they are among the top Solana projects. Above all, they are among the blue-eyed boys of major crypto exchange FTX. Not far ago, FTX tweeted that it will expand support to top Solana-based NFT projects, and thus, Thugbirds are definitely on board.

The team is also creating quite a fundamental infrastructure: a coffeeshop, a weed farm, native tokens, mystery boxes, and way more.

Follow the project on their official website, Twitter, and Discord channel

#3. SOLGods
The project was inspired by ​​Giorgio de Chirico who was a famous surrealist artist. It’s quite a popular project that created a collection of NFTs called ‘The Fracture.’ And the whole project’s story begins there. The main characters of The Fracture are so-called ‘The Gods’whose arrival to Fracture is a crucial event that sets the world into total chaos and disaster.

There are three ‘Factions’ within The Fracture:

  • The Gods
  • The Bridged
  • The Forgotten

Identity is important to the project, and it undoubtedly has a unique aesthetic.

Follow the project on Twitter, Medium, and their official website. 

#2. TombStoned High Society 
TombStoned High Society consists of 6666 NFTs which were minted on Mar 31, 2022, and their initial price was 1 SOL. The updated floor price is 9.80 SOL which has been boosted by -16.95% in the last 24h. The total volume is 128148.90 and currently has a listed total of 378 NFTs.

There are 6 phases of the project that they’ve described in their roadmap

Follow the project on Twitter, Discord, and their official website

#1. MekaGorillaz 
The NFT project was launched by Toto and two other professionals who are not currently involved. Now all power is in the community, as this pattern has proved itself a successful one. So, the holders’ suggestions and feedback are seriously considered once thinking of a new roadmap.

Toto started a channel where he shares the information on spending from the community wallet. 

MekaGorillaz is a brand that is going to integrate into many different fields such as merchandise, comics, computer game, etc.,- rewarding their holders through passive income, which is generated via staking. 

They have their own token, $MEK, which is earned daily and can be used for making upgrades to animated nfts, buying MekaChimpz, and MekaWorkshops, and maybe also used for in-game assets as well as buying real-world items.

Follow the project to learn more in detail on their official website, Twitter, or Discord channel.

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