SimpleHold Wallet and FIO Protocol Partnership


We are happy to announce that a SimpleHold wallet and FIO are partners now! SimpleHold will integrate the FIO Send feature into the SimpleHold wallet allowing users to quickly and conveniently send their crypto! Above that, SimpleHold will list $FIO Token. 

SimpleHold is a noncustodial wallet, a handy mobile app that is a brainchild of the SimpleSwap exchange. The wallet supports Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), and 50+ cryptocurrencies and, as we've already mentioned, will add the $FIO soon. SimpleHold stands out because it aims to fulfill all cryptocurrency holders and fans' demands. The wallet:

  • provides a simple but thorough UI;
  • makes it possible to send, receive, store and swap in one place;
  • empowers you to store and view NFTs right in the wallet;
  • is free to set up and use;
  • is compatible with such famous cold wallets as Ledger and Trezor;
  • has 24/7 customer support;
  • doesn't ask for any of your personal data and KYC;
  • has an educational crypto themed blog;
  • is available on all platforms — a mobile app on iOS and Android, a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera. 

All these features were implemented after an accurate study of expectations crypto users want to have within their wallets to make their interaction with crypto easier and quicker. Integrating of the FIO Send feature is another essential step to simplifying the overall users' experiences. To learn more about the SimpleHold and to begin trading there, visit SimpleHold's official website and set up a wallet to give it a go.    

Let's have a closer look at what exactly FIO Send is. Do you remember those drastic long strings of public addresses you had to use every single time when you needed to make your crypto operations? Those lines were vulnerable to errors and other drawbacks. Forget them! FIO created a perfect way to overcome that step and have your withdrawal and sending operations as easy as possible. Now you have a human-readable FIO Crypto Handle, a neat, easily-readable address. The endless string of public key addresses is modified into the format of [email protected] or, for instance, [email protected]

Thanks to this new feature, a user doesn't need to worry about making a mistake such as a misprint or any type of hack that alters the address where the user is sending assets. The SimpleHold wallet benefits a lot from integrating FIO Send, as it creates even a more accessible and flawless experience while withdrawing and sending any cryptocurrency. The SimpleHold wallet was simple to use, but now, things are getting even more smooth with a new feature.  

Get your FIO Crypto Handle right now at the FIO's official website and try the FIO Send when using the SimpleHold wallet.

About FIO:

FIO, the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, is a decentralized blockchain protocol designed to provide a quicker and simpler way of sending and receiving coins and tokens, supporting the continuing development, integration, and promotion of FIO Protocol in the crypto industry. The protocol has its native utility token $FIO, and it’s used for transaction gas fees and on-chain governance. The project has already launched:

  • FIO Crypto Handle: gives users an opportunity to have on-chain transactions with simple identifiers such as "[email protected]";
  • FIO Requests: helps users to request funds from anyone having supported wallets, with in-app notifications and an easy approval procedure;
  • FIO Data: makes it possible for encrypted metadata to be added to any transaction.

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