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What Is Clear Water? | CLEAR Review


Water pollution is a global environmental problem that threatens the lives of all living things. More than 25% of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water, and marine flora and fauna are rapidly dying from an abundance of plastic waste. Fortunately, humanity is becoming more aware and is launching many charitable missions to provide clean water solutions. One of these is the revolutionary Clear Water project, which uses blockchain technology to save lives.

What Is Clear Water?

Clear Water is a charitable crypto project launched on Binance Smart Chain. The project intends to solve the problems associated with water pollution and the unavailability of drinking water in low-income nations. Furthermore, the project developers provide a mutually beneficial solution that can motivate more people to contribute to a great cause. Thus, the creators of the project intend to solve several vital problems at once:


Plastic waste

Plastic causes serious environmental damage, starting with its production and ending with its disposal. Factories producing plastic products emit up to 400 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. About 800 species of animals are now at risk of extinction due to eating and poisoning with plastic. Disposable bags clog the sewage systems of cities and create flood threats. Plastic garbage litters the shores and coastal areas intended for recreation, causing damage to the tourism industry.

Solution. The project developers intend to launch a business to produce water in aluminum bottles. According to the developers’ plans, the product will be launched by the end of this year. Aluminum is a fully recyclable element that does not harm the environment. In addition, aluminum bottles are durable and can be reused.


Lack of clean drinking water

A water crisis is when there is not enough drinking water for the population, which, in turn, leads to drought, famine, and death. The shortage of clean water is a plague that affects 1.8 billion people every year. Today, safe, clean drinking water has become a luxury for people living in drought-affected regions and on the African subcontinent. 

Solution. The Clear Water team donates part of the funds collected due to transaction fees to various charities. Although the project was launched very recently, more than $16,000 has already been donated. $10,000 was donated four days after the launch of the project to charity: a water organization. In addition, the project developers intend to contribute to the equipment of underground wells to provide clean drinking water.



Even though the charity sector is an enormous business, there is still no limit when it comes to saving lives. The Clear Water team allows everyone to contribute without making any effort. Users just need to use the CLEAR token, and part of the transaction fees will go to charity missions. In addition, token holders receive various rewards: part of the transaction fees, 5% of the profit from the sale of aluminum water bottles, and up to 20% of the staking reward. In addition, the developers plan to donate scholarships to high school students who have enrolled in the Department of Marine Biology (in specific colleges).



The native CLEAR token is the utility token of the project. CLEAR has a total initial supply of 10 billion tokens, but 50% was burned immediately after the launch. CLEAR users are required to pay 10% tax for each transaction:

  • 2% reflection in BNB. It is sent to token holders, stimulating long-term holding and stability.
  • 2% goes to support various charitable initiatives, as well as the marketing of the project.
  • 2% receive the project’s founders.
  • 4% is used to maintain liquidity.

In addition to reflections in BNB, token holders receive rewards such as 5% dividends from canned water sales.

Moreover, users can stake a CLEAR token in four pools, differing in staking periods and profitability. So if you add your CLEAR tokens to a 3-month staking pool, you will receive 10% APY; 6 months — 12% APY; 9 months — 15% APY; and the most profitable 12-month pool allows you to earn 20% APY. The maximum number of tokens that can be added to the staking pool is 50 million. Users do not pay a staking transaction fee. However, if you decide to unstake your tokens before the end of the lock-up period, you will be required to pay a tax of 20%.



Clear Water is a revolutionary project that, if properly managed, can improve the world. The creators of Clear Water intend to provide not just another financial product but a useful and sustainable crypto project. Currently, the project team has focused on attracting more users through various rewards, staking, and marketing. By the end of the year, the project team intends to launch the sale of canned water and conduct multiple marketing campaigns, including with the participation of the Discovery Channel. If the developers implement their plans, then the problem of the lack of drinking water in some countries and the pollution of waters will be solved much more effectively.